Pillar of the Martinez community Bill Schilz criticizes Mayor Schroder’s “endorsement” of Glover

After receiving Rob Schroder’s mailer and seeing his letter endorsing Federal, Bill Schilz felt compelled to write his own Letter to the Editors!  Published by the Martinez Tribune.

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Schilz criticizes mayor’s endorsement of Federal Glover

Mr. Mayor,

I received your mailer endorsing Federal Glover and shook my head in amazement. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, until I realized that those weren’t your words, but rather the words of the political hack Mary Jo Rossi who somehow got you to sign off on it so she could spread it far and wide.

How on God’s green earth could you support a man who has had not a care in the world for Martinez and has done nothing for us, even though he represents Martinez on the Board of Supervisors? Once silly season started, he’s been popping up all over town as if he’s a regular, but the fact is, everywhere he goes, Lara Delaney has to introduce him because he hasn’t been here standing up for Martinez! There he is on Facebook smiling because he attended an Art in the Susana Park event, yet when I asked him to post pictures of him being in Martinez the first six months of this year before campaign season started, all he could do was delete my comment and close all comment on the picture.

We all love Doug Stewart and what he did for the homeless in our City and throughout the County. So when I put the going away dinner together for Doug, I asked Federal to come to the dinner and say a few words to the crowd about how Doug helped our entire county. His aide confirmed his appearance and when the time came, you graciously came and spoke, but our illustrious Supervisor Glover didn’t bother to show up! I guess there were more important things to do in another city than honor a man who gave 12 years of his life, with no pay, to help the most vulnerable in not just Martinez, but throughout the county. Maybe he was out justifying why he deserved a bigger raise (33 percent) as a supervisor while giving county employees next to nothing!

Drive around and all you see are Federal signs with one slogan … “$1 Billion In Transportation Improvements For Us.” Who the hell got the $1 billion? It certainly wasn’t Martinez or we wouldn’t have the streets and roads in such poor condition or be faced with a 1⁄2 cent sales tax initiative on the November ballot. I think the only thing he did was get us the expensive addition of metering lights on the entrances to Highway 4 from Alhambra, Pine and Morello, all of which aren’t being used. That certainly helped our quality of life.

Take a look at the Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund (KCMF) and the huge controversy surrounding Federal’s and District 5 staff distributing $634,371.91 of KCMF funds without required Board of Supervisors approval, the lack of transparency in the selection of grantees, and over $167,819 in overdraft of the fund causing the County to put up general fund monies to cover the deficit. It required a Contra Costa County Grand Jury and the County Auditor-Controller to investigate and sort things out and make innumerable recommendations to clean up the mess. That certainly sounds like a lack of trustworthiness to me.

Then you have to ask yourself why a Walnut Creek developer, not in his district, has given $40,000 to help get Federal elected? Or the Garaventa family, through one of its real estate entities, has given $15,000 in support of Federal. Maybe they’re expecting him to help them with projects they intend to propose?

So Mr. Mayor, please give us all concrete specifics of what Federal Glover has done for MARTINEZ over the last 16 YEARS as a County Supervisor because we all know you strongly & enthusiastically support Federal … or are those just the words Mary Jo Rossi wrote for you and you signed off on?

Bill Schilz

Concerned Martinez Resident